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Benefits of SiteFleet WiFi

SiteFleet WiFi is an efficient tool for gathering customer data. When customers login you collect data on their email address, age and gender. This information allows direct marketing communication for your establishment and putting you in touch with your customers.
Facebook integration

SiteFleet  WiFi integrates the network with the Facebook profile in terms of graphics and features. Customers are more likely to entgage with "Check in and Like" buttons are placed on the welcome page. When your customers use them, they recommends your business to his friends.

Stay connected with special offers

You may send special offers to your customers, encouraging them to return and/or refer your business. Alternatively, you may choose to offer coupons that will have positive impact on your restaurant’s image and help you build a strong relationship with the customers.

Real-time information

Your customers want to see concrete results, a significant number or new registrations and returning users, happy and engaged customers.

The WIFI Dashboard is the analytics tool that shows data captured through Wi-Fi connections. The WIFI Dashboard was designed by SiteFleet to allow companies to analyze data and insights with a nice graphic interface, without being given permission to change Wi-Fi configurations

Emails and offers for your Clients

Email campaigns allow direct contact with your customers allowing you to urge them to return. SiteFleet WiFi provides the tools for generating loyalty programs and vouchers that encourage them to visit your business again and again.

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