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Don't forget your investment of your electronic signage.

Why would you purchase a technology to only halfway use it? Each other at the opposite ends regarding the digital signage spectrum in present travels I noticed two great examples that bookend. One, at a bourbon-themed food store in Louisville, Kentucky, featured professional-quality video clip, expertly shot, modified and produced, on an electronic signage screen on a wall surface that is back. Another, this time at a bicycle shop in Santa Fe, brand new Mexico, featured a menu that is thorough of service options and information, digital menu board-style on a digital signage display hung on the shop's service counter.

The issue with both? Each showed just that and absolutely nothing more — at least not I became in both for at least 20 to thirty minutes while I was in the shop, and.

Therefore, while each and every did exactly what they did quite well, it was nevertheless roughly equivalent to serving a very well-made salad but leaving off the dressing, or giving a client a fresh Big Mac with no sauce that is unique. You employ it, in the place of simply re-creating on a dynamic display that which you'd have on a static display when you yourself have the capacity for video, why wouldn't? And conversely, as a sign, in the place of just showing pretty video clip and essentially turning it into a TV if you have a digital sign, have you thought to use it?

One is an sign that is expensive; the other is a pleasant atmospheric piece with no proactive approach. Neither is fulfilling the rich possible signage that is electronic.

With video or animation, or occasionally switch to exciting video that helps sell your other products or service offerings when you have a menu, highlight it. (In this instance, the bicycle shop could show exciting mountain rides in the trails around Santa Fe to encourage bike rentals or inspire a bike purchase that is new. Or it could show a rider at the center of nowhere fixing a flat as a method to sell puncture-resistant internal pipes.)

You need to use it, but why would not you consist of some kind of direct messaging to your viewers, encouraging them to test or try the merchandise you're showing being made, or advertising for purchase some regarding the same if you have great video, clearly? (In this case, why not video that is alternate some text-based messaging that gives historical insight to the state's relationship with bourbon or other reason that would encourage shoppers to purchase?)

Digital signage is a medium that is great interacting to customers, primarily due to its mixed-media capabilities. It isn't just a sign, and it's really not just a video screen — it's both. Why not use it as such and get the benefit that is full of investment?

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