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Welcome to the next evolution in advertising!


Digital signage is exploding, and is quickly becoming the standard for reaching potential consumers.  By 2018, digital signage spending will triple from $2.6 billion in 2010 to $7.8 billion. 

Here Are Some Big Advantages To Help Your Business


Digital Media has more than 10 times the impact than traditional advertising and more than 40% of consumers can recall a brand they saw on digital media screens.  Digital signage brand recall stands at 48% versus 23% for newspaper, 13% for television and 15% for all other forms.


The possibilities of digital signage advertising are endless.  From simple text, to still images, to motion video that is full.  Advertisers can also make use of special features such as QR codes and web pinging.  Digital signage networks are quickly becoming one of the most innovative forms of advertising, communicating and brand recognition that is establishing.



For many businesses that are small advertising through mass media like TV, radio and print is out of the question. With digital signage, advertisers can target customers that are on-the-go locations where local residents are likely to spend time, for a price that doesn’t break the bank.  This means a high return on investment through reaching the right people in their own community, for the right price to the advertiser.



In the old standards of advertising, once an message was created, it was permanent.  An advertiser can change their message within hours with digital signage.  Compare that to TV or radio, where it can take weeks or even months to produce a new commercial. The ad plays, where it plays and for whom it plays for with digital signage, content is controlled by a network content manager who can make changes as to the time. Top of Mind manages the content and the network for our advertisers and hosts.



Because of digital signage’s distinct and nature. The dynamic motion graphics and images in unique locations capture the attention of audiences far better than print advertising does.  Digital media also holds a higher perceived value by viewers because it informs and entertains audiences with trivia, local news, in-store promotions and real-time announcements.  In essence, digital signage advertisements will break through the clutter.



Obviously, digital signage more effective than old fashioned print media, it’s also an advertising solution that is green.  Our digital signage networks are 100% digital paperless. Getting local exposure without impacting the environment is great for all.


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